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MCHS Homecoming

MCHS Homecoming

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Slow Motion Edit

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Our open air Slow Motion Booth is Unique, Fun and Affordable.

We offer Slow Motion Photo booth Rentals for all kinds of events.

Offers includes

Best price guarantee.

Instant play slow motion clip slive at event

*All videos available for download for your enjoyment within 48 hours after the event.

*A customized video montage of all videos at event

*Full HD video recorded from a Sony mirrorless high frame rate camera

*Studio grade panel lighting results in better video.

*Actual professional videographer.

*A huge assortment of real and fun props to make it memorable.

*Our studio style booth fits 14 people comfortably and lets everyone in on the fun!

*Hilarious fun to watch

*Huge 32” Display playback monitor

*An attendant/videographer on site during the event to ensure proper function of the slow mo booth.

Slow Motion video is created by playing back high frame rate video recorded up to 240fps at a normal 30fps rate

We turn 2 seconds of video into 20.

Here are some suggestions on what looks good:


Literally the MOST fun in a booth EVER

-Jason Tavarez Birthday at Manhattan Beach Country Club September 9th



Throwing Confetti


Hair Toss / Flip


Card toss

Ping pong ball dodge

Throw jacket over shoulder



Secret Handshake

Rock paper scissors

Cup of water to the face

Silly String

Pose change



Electric slide

Chicken dance

The Wave

Standing Break Dance moves

Disco Dance like John Travolta

Pulp Fiction dance move

Congo Line

Any Fast Action moves

Get  Creative

$500 @ 2 hours
$700 @ 3 hours
$900 @ 4 hours
$1000 @ 5 hours
Unlimited Sessions
Each group will see and can receive their slo-mo video 
A compilation video created from all sessions of the event
Huge assortment of Props, Confetti, Cards and gold coins provided
midweek discounts available

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