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We offer the quality you seek in a music service: great-sounding system, a wide variety of well-chosen songs, and a receptive crew to run it all with professionalism and flexibility.

By these standards, you can't go wrong with Finest in Disc Jockey Service. After over a decade in the business, you can rest assured that our experience, our immense song catalog and our sound system add up to an audio experience perfectly tailored for any occasion. From pre-planning to packing up, we handle all the details so you can devote your attention to your celebration.

So, if you'd rather listen to music than worry about it, don't leave your guests and yourself at the mercy of entertainment amateurs.

Use Platinum Parties for the Best Disc Jockey experience!

With Platinum Parties you have Quality and Experience you can trust

Remember A Great DJ makes all the difference 

Our MC’s speak your language fluently including:  Spanish, Mandarin, French, Japanese, Chinese and more.

wedding (3).jpg
Wedding DJ

Our Wedding DJ will make sure your event is free of worry and full of fun

dj mixer.jpg
Event DJ

Whether its a Birthday, special event, or Corporate event our Event DJs have you well taken care of

Karaoke DJ

Let loose our Karaoke DJs know how to bring the energy and every karaoke song ever made

We also offer:

jbl 615.png
Sound Reinforcement
  • $60 for each additional 15" (should have 1 per 100 guests) 

  • $70 for a 18" bass speaker for tremendous bass for crowds over 150

  • Select image to see more

  • $80 for creation and projection 

uplight 1.jpeg
  • Select image to see more

  • $15 per Uplight

  • $150 for 12

  • $180 for 16

Custom Montage
  • Select image to see more

  • Create a custom montage set to images, music and transitions  

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